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Experis Norway has more than 700 consultants and partners. We had privilege to be one of them. There is a reason behind. Our quality and results.

Hired Software Consulting


The challenge was organizing platform upgrade and remain able to provide ongoing day-to-day changes to support daily operations. With this conditions, executing enhancements concurrently while being resource-efficient, and delivering within a minimal amount of time is critical to keep good customer satisfaction.


We engaged in detailed planning and agile project management to devise a tailored backlog that dictated the course of action for the upgrade project.
As consultants, we deep dive into understanding the client's needs, goals, and the current infrastructure to suggest improvements.
In the solution architect role, we planned the project's strategic direction, supervising its technical aspects to ensure that the solutions were in line with the architectural plan.
Our talented resources, equipped with a deep understanding of advanced web technologies, implemented the solutions focusing on optimal performance, security, and scalability.
Simultaneously, we coordinated technical tasks, balancing the progress of the upgrade with the uninterrupted flow of daily activities and enhancements.


The result was a highly successful project that was delivered in record time - just 4 months - with a minimal resource footprint and without obstructing the regular workflow. Our efficiency, technical expertise, and prudent coordination played instrumental roles in maximizing client satisfaction.


This project of upgrading Yara International ASA websites underscored our agency's commitment to offering top-notch web development services, regardless of project complexity or constraints. It reaffirmed our mission to deliver superior solutions that positively impact our clients' digital presence, growth, and business objectives.

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